Desktop Aquariums

ZeroEdge Desktop Aquariums include our colorful Betta Bowl designed with kids in mind to house their favorite betta fish. Available is a variety of colors. The Aqua U is a great starter tank for fresh or salt water fish, complete with filtration and built in pump. Currently available in Black or White.  More colorful options will be available soon!

Betta Bowl by ZeroEdge

The ZeroEdge Betta Bowl was designed with kids in mind, offering them a colorful home for their Betta Fish.  The hardest part is to pick your favorite color.


ZeroEdge Aqua U Desktop Aquarium

This little aquarium is built out of cast acrylic with a designer appeal.  The view is completely unobstructed with all its filtration hidden in the back.   Currently available in White or Black, other options will be available soon.