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ZeroEdge Tranquility Series Aquarium

The Tranquility Series Aquarium is perfect for a spa, restaurant, commercial lobbies or residential settings. They can be used as a standalone element or in multiples as used in many restaurant settings. These water features, with their gentle overflowing trickle of water and crystal clear view add a serene yet stimulating feel to any space.


ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rectangle Aquarium

The Classic ZeroEdge 46 Rectangle is the most popular of our Classic “Overflowing” Aquariums.  Because of its size and crystal clear view it is a complete show stopper.  Designed to be viewed from every angle including looking down.

Sold as Set Only


ZeroEdge 22ZR Aquarium System

This Classic ZeroEdge Model is the smallest of our Classic Overflowing Aquarium Series with the same rounded edges and beautiful bonded seams.  Comes as a Complete Set with easy to set up instructions.