About Us

About the ZeroEdge Aquarium Corporation

ZeroEdge® Aquarium Corp. is the designer and manufacturer of some of the most unique and stunning aquariums and water features ever created. Our products are displayed all over the world in Residential, Commercial Aquariums, Hotels and Resorts, Spas, Zoological and Educational settings.


Along with our highly regarded ZeroEdge® Aquariums we also specialize in custom designed water features and attractions that can be designed in any size or shape and can be positioned to fit any interior. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Indoor and outdoor water features
  • Water Panels and Rain Curtains
  • Viewing Panels for Swimming Pools
  • Acrylic Fabrication
  • Engraving
  • CNC Routing
  • Oven Forming
  • Heat Bending
  • Impregnated Acrylics

Our goal is to create aquatic attractions and elements that stretch the imagination and give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Let the ZeroEdge design team create and add aquatic splendor to your next project with an amazing work of aquatic art!


At ZeroEdge®, we are always innovating and creating new designs.  Look for the roll out of our newest product, The ZeroEdge® Classroom Touch Tank perfect for a classroom or educational facility near you!


The ZeroEdge Headquarters is located in Illinois.

ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp.

810 E. North Street
Elburn, IL 60119
Ph: 630-365-6770
FX: 630-365-6779


We welcome all questions and look forward to being of service to you!!


Along with our patented “Classic Overflowing Aquariums” and our “Educational Touch Tanks” we specialize in Custom Acrylic Fabrication showcasing our Museum Quality Seams. Our aquariums and water features are displayed all over the world in residential buildings, public aquariums, zoological exhibits, educational institutions as well as hotels and resorts.

index“The design team here at ZeroEdge® are always throwing around ideas for new and innovative products. It is an exciting time for us here at ZeroEdge® and we couldn’t be more eager to help in any facet of acrylic fabrication for custom aquariums, aquatic design, pool panels and water features.”
BRETT PERRY – ZeroEdge® Aquarium Corp. President and Founder