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Reef Tanks by ZeroEdge

Reef tanks or aquariums are marine salt water habitats which display live coral, other invertebrates and fish to emulate the tropical coral reef environment. Coral reefs form some of the most diverse underwater ecosystems on earth. These coral reef ecosystems contain three distinct zones that constitute different types of habitats: the fore reef, reef crest and back reef or reef lagoon. All three of these zones are interconnected creating an interchange of nutrients, sediments and marine life which in turn …
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Custom Aquariums with ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp

Getting custom aquariums manufactured by ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp. will be aquariums that have been built based on input or suggestions from consumers. A reputable custom aquarium manufacturer will take your thoughts, ideas or suggestions and use them to build you the custom aquarium of your dreams; a custom aquarium that may otherwise not be found for sale online or in one of your local  aquarium  stores. When it comes to the time of getting a new custom aquarium, it can …
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