Educational Touch Tank Series

Education Tanks / Aquariums by ZeroEdge Aquarium

40 Gallon Classroom System

The Classroom Touch Tank was designed as a portable system that is easily moved from classroom to classroom. The stand is built of durable Seaboard material complete with heavy duty rolling casters. The system can operate as a cold or warm water aquarium.

  • ADA Compliant
  • Overall Measure (36” x 30” x 35” tall)
  • Tank is built of Cast Acrylic
Amazing edgeless Custom infinity Aquarium - ZeroEdge Aquarium

100 Gallon Aquaculture System

This Touch Tank Model was designed for use as a growing center for corals and clams. The almost still look of the water movement creates an oxygen rich environment that helps to increase the overall health of the animal life. The center “Overflowing” tank comes complete with a CNC cut RTA Coral Grid making it easy to display all your propagated corals as well as clams.

This system can be purchased as a Tank Only or as a Complete Set.

Outdoor Custom Aquarium Display 1 by ZeroEdge Aquarium

100 Gallon Large Hexagon System

This Touch Tank Model grew from our “Classic Series” Hex Model. This system works well with a group of five. Because of its Hex shape there is plenty of room to stand around the aquarium for demonstrations and hands on interaction.

The image provided is of one of our 100 Gallon Large Hexagons located on a resort in Hawaii. This tank is located outside and showcases creatures direct from the ocean.

This system can be purchased as a Tank Only or as a Complete Set.