At ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp. we are passionate about everything we design and manufacture including our ZeroEdge filtration sump lines. We understand the issues and challenges facing discerning aquarists in their quest to maintain a healthy aquarium.

ZeroEdge Sumps have been designed to mitigate or eliminate these issues and challenges including: micro bubbles and pump cavitation, salt creep, and ample room for filter components.

For standard reef keeping, we offer our Series 7 sump that incorporates a spillover sock containment chamber. ZeroEdge is the only brand that offers a split design separating the refugium from the skimmer section. While most refugium sumps are designed to flow sequentially, ZeroEdge Classic Refugium Sump is fed separately giving increased contact time for your protein skimmer.

Our standard ZeroEdge Sumps include the following:

1/4” and 3/8” robust High quality cast materials.
CNC fabricated parts.
Solid tops with cutouts allowing for the use of lids to seal in moisture, prevent splashing and provide soundproofing.
Adjustable weir plate for water height adjustment in skimmer compartment.
Spill over sock chambers with emergency overflows.
Probe holders for added convenience.