Aquarium Sump

Series 7 36 Dual Sock Aquarium Sump


ZeroEdge Series 7 Sumps are made out of high quality cast acrylic. More sizes available in our online store.


  • 36”x16”x16”
  • Skimmer area: 15.5”x 12”
  • Pump area: 15.5″ x 8.5″

Product Description

This aquarium sump, designed and manufactured by ZeroEdge, is made out of high quality cast acrylic. It is a part of our Series 7 aquarium sump line up.

We have engineered this sump with two sealed 7” filter sock chambers, emergency overflows, and sound dampening sock covers.

  • 36”x16”x16”
  • 15.5”x 12” Skimmer area
  • 15.5″ x 8.5″ Pump area
  • 1/4” material body
  • 1/4” euro top with cut outs
  • Sealed 7” sock holders and socks
  • Polycarbonate sock lid
  • 1” Uniseals
  • Perforated drain diffusers
  • Egg crate media pocket
  • Sponge block
  • Effluent line input
  • Movable probe holder
  • Adjustable weir from 4″ to 9″

The 36″ ZeroEdge dual sock aquarium sump helps increase water volume, aerates the water, simplifies water changes, keeps water free of contaminates, keeps water at a stable level in the main display tank, and provides a place to keep equipment such as protein skimmers, calcium reactors and heaters.


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