Reef Tanks by ZeroEdge

Reef tanks or aquariums are marine salt water habitats which display live coral, other invertebrates and fish to emulate the tropical coral reef environment. Coral reefs form some of the most diverse underwater ecosystems on earth. These coral reef ecosystems contain three distinct zones that constitute different types of habitats: the fore reef, reef crest and back reef or reef lagoon. All three of these zones are interconnected creating an interchange of nutrients, sediments and marine life which in turn promote the overall coral reef ecosystem.

Coral reefs are fragile ecosystems in addition to being extremely diverse. These habitats are very sensitive to water chemistry and temperature. As a result, in addition to a proper display tank, a reef aquarium must have appropriate lighting, filtration, water movement, heating and cooling and optimal chemical water parameters.

Any of ZeroEdge’s aquariums and fish tanks can be utilized as a reef tank depending on the specific coral reef ecosystem that is to be created and maintained.

Additional features of ZeroEdge’s aquariums or fish tanks  include:

  • High quality cast acrylic.
  • CNC fabricated parts.
  • Properly sized overflows and returns.
  • High quality plumbing parts.


All aquarium and fish tanks manufactured by ZeroEdge are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but can be customized to meet your specifications. They are also built to ZeroEdge’s high quality standards.

If you are planning to build or purchase an aquarium or fish tank by ZeroEdge, then contact us today by calling 630-365-6770 or 800-356-4265 or by emailing

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