Series 7 Sumps

At ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp. we are passionate about everything we design and manufacture including our ZeroEdge filtration sump lines. We understand the issues and challenges facing discerning aquarists in their quest to maintain a healthy aquarium.

ZeroEdge Series 7 Sumps have been designed to mitigate or eliminate these issues and challenges including: micro bubbles and pump cavitation, salt creep, and ample room for filter components.

Manufactured with high quality 1/4″ and 3/8″ cast acrylic materials and CNC fabricated parts, Series 7 Sumps include spill over sock chambers with emergency overflows in order to provide aquarists with a solution for common challenges found with standard reef keeping.

Unlike other brands in the market,  ZeroEdge Series 7 Sumps come standard with the following:

  • Lids for sock chambers to prevent splashing and provide sound proofing
  • Spill over sock chambers with emergency overflows
  • 7″ 200 micron filter socks
  • Bulk heads and internal perforated drain pipe
  • Sponge block filter media
  • Adjustable weir plate (4″ – 9″) for water height adjustment in skimmer compartment
  • Our probe holders are attached to adjustable weir plate for added convenience

ZeroEdge probe holders are included in all filters.