At ZeroEdge we know what it takes to provide high quality aquariums, water features, themed exhibits, residential and commercial aquariums worldwide.

why zeroedge?

Along with our patented “Classic Overflowing Aquariums” and our “Educational Touch Tanks” we specialize in Custom Acrylic Fabrication showcasing our Museum Quality Seams. Our aquariums and water features are displayed all over the world in residences, public aquariums, zoological exhibits, educational institutions as well as hotels and resorts.

“The design team here at ZeroEdge® are always throwing around ideas for new and innovative products. It is an exciting time for us here at ZeroEdge® and we couldn’t be more eager to help in any facet of acrylic fabrication for custom aquariums, aquatic design, pool panels and water features.”

BRETT PERRY – ZeroEdge® Aquarium Corp. President and Founder


ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp. designs and manufactures custom acrylic aquariums for customers located throughout the world.   ZeroEdge products are widely known for their unique design and exceptional quality.  We have taken our design expertise and focus on quality, to build custom aquariums for residences, commercial businesses, hotels, resorts, public aquariums, zoos and education institutions.  We are a proud member of the Association of Zoo’s & Aquariums (AZA).

All design consultation, final design and fabrication is done in house at our manufacturing facility located just outside of Chicago.  Our custom aquariums offer the same museum quality seams and polished outer edges as we have done for years with our ZeroEdge line.

Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped to fabricate any custom design.  We have skilled aquarium builders, trained to meet ZeroEdge’s high expectations for quality.  Our ZeroEdge Custom Process, from initial design consultation to final quality control inspection of the finished product, has been created to minimize errors, meet the company’s demand for excellence and most importantly obtain complete customer satisfaction.


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